Friday, October 9, 2009

Waking Up Tied to a Wooden Chair in the Backyard

Someone unknown is sliding a garden hose down my throat
down the windpipe and I am gagging horribly and that same someone
is grabbing the valve on the water piping next to the house's siding
and is sneering like an evil thing doing evil things and
now he is turning the valve and I can feel the hose tensing up
and the tubing is exhaling a short puff of cool air down my wind pipe
I am gagging horribly before the torrent of cooler water
oh my god it is shooting out of the tubing and into my tubing
and it is filling me up quickly oh my god I can't breathe
I am an honest man and I am always trying not to hurt anyone
why is this happening my eyes are filling
with the shade of trees I can't see
make sure someone feeds Duke.

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