Thursday, October 29, 2009

Old Poem

The pain in his left leg spikes. His cane is made from the roots of oak trees and bound with vines. His beard has lost all traces of red. The old poem drives a buick and eats at Bob Evans once a week. The old poem wishes you would call more. Lawrence Welk is on, why aren't we watching it? The old poem voted for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Gene Kelly makes the old poem feel uncomfortably warm. The old poem thinks this soup is too hot. Turn down that music. He bought this blanket at Target on sale. The old poem can't believe you're going out dressed like that. The old poem has fallen into the love designed by the Lord. Then it got cancer. The old poem is too old for irony and too young for death. The old poem needs some time to make up its mind. We were thankful there was no body at the viewing. The old poem would have wanted it this way. The old poem was cremated in a scented candle. When we scattered its ashes the wind turned towards us.


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