Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eat Me

Man, so I was at this wedding, right?
And my heart got cut right the damn out of me
but not by love or those creepy flower children
but by Aztecs, and that's okay.

Man, so they take me to the altar all wah-wah, right?
And they's layin' me out and and I'm just takin' it
because they need to appease they's sky lingerers
and I ain't usin' it much except for when I see dogs murdered
or when I heard the squeals of dying rabbits
or my mom tells me my dad's gettin' dead
and I caught a wink from the bride
and then the groom, but they's probably just nervous
or they're attracted to the submissive aspects of sacrifice
but hey who isn't?
Don't answer, it's no one.

So they's cuttin' me real deep and I can feel
their stone knives wrenching through my gut chasms
and it's okay.
I feel it, and it's okay.
It feels like they's puttin' their sky into me
and I can feel the blue and then I can feel their sun
and their jungle and why they do what they do
and their stoic tears and they put their hard times
and the hard lines of their cheekbones in there too.

So there's still this wedding, man, right?
Everybody was cool and they understood
and so they just combined occasions
and that's cool, 'cause I ain't gonna be selfish
and the priest is cool with it 'cause he studies bible
and so he knows them weird magic weird blood stories
and so this couple was joined in wholly or somethin' matrimony
right as these Aztecs buried all they's rigid faces
into my heart, and that's okay.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent.

    I really like the first line of each stanza. Makes it feel like this is a casual conversation about some heavy shit.


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