Sunday, September 20, 2009

Man, Dese Leopard print Shoes are printin' leopards all over sidewalks

I guess my body is horny
and it's uncomfortable.
If I could fuck a cloud, I would do it.
If I could fuck while I'm dead, I'd do it.
I could make an umbilical chord
Sometimes I wonder if ants ever get jealous sharing the same girl
like trains in the 1800's. They run a train constantly
like it's the 1800's.
I wonder if Kool-Aid and sugar are cool with having water sex
to make fruit drink.
Some people are into deep water like that.
I don't think I like the motion of oceans.
Is it all about babies?
I hope not.
Sometimes people talk about coke and I don't know what they're talking about.
Sometimes I know what people are talking about.

Usually at night I curl up in a nice matchbox
and there is no fire
but if fire was all the time
I'm sure that would bore me too.


  1. Clouds are fuckable. I was a meteorology major. Meteorology majors are not fuckable.


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