Sunday, September 27, 2009

kissing morgan freeman

here's the beginning of something i'm doing

I don't believe in 9/11
and I don't trust the Midas touch.
I've got no problems shaking babies and kissing hands.
I'm the straggling goose in a flying V.
I'm a 1,000,000th century man.

where the fuck am i going with this. I think it's going to be part of a poem placed inside I AM SHAUN GANNON because I want to incorporate as many types of writing as possible in it, and splashing it with some longer pieces will break up the encroaching irritation that comes with all my nameyelling.


  1. Perhaps, a book called I AM SHAUN GANNON, which will begin with a dot dot dot, and end with a dot dot dot, which will communicate that I AM SHAUN GANNON never ends.

    "I don't believe in 9/11" is not a fantastic attention getting line. I am kidding.

  2. the last line makes it sound like a bowie song, nerd

  3. I've go no problem eating babies and making jokes about it.


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