Sunday, September 20, 2009

high-fiving ray wise

Hi person looking at this, you should follow the links on the side to our individual blogs and read those. you should also look into our books and buy and read those. i am promoting us and it is shameless because there is no shame in being as awesome as we are, look it up, its on wikipedia with a bunch of other bullshit

More promotion, there's a reading coming up in october at motinis that has 4/5ths of the DEATHMARCH bros. that's all of us minus dan bailey because he's in colorado, which is apache for "state of colours." yes when translating apache into english, you use UK english, not american. i don't know the details of that

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE, we recorded some stuff for BSU's media conglomerate website, god knows when that will be up, but when it is, you'll see the link here. it will probably be really cool. we made a poster of dan bailey and turned it into a picket sign. no he's not really dead, sorry to all those people to whom we said that, okay i'm not really sorry, i lied, sorry

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  1. Dan Bailey is, and has always been, a picket.
    He's angry-dirty workers.
    He is SCAB.


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