Monday, February 1, 2010

Here is a great story by the Marvin K. Mooney writer(s) that keep appearing online in places in mystery



  1. i don't like the whole marvin k. mooney thing. nor did i enjoy that story. i feel like it's a more violenced version of language poetry, which, to me, seems like a weird sort of "already been done." like young people trying to steal from old people, but in a very uninteresting way.

    admittedly, there are a few interesting images. but the language, the music of the language, is so haphazard and clumsy that it's very hard for me to read.

    i hope that's not that point.

  2. Yeah it's been done before, but I did enjoy stumbling through the words. You're right they don't flow very well at all, but I wanted to keep reading for some reason.

    I liked finding sentences like Mother nowhere to be seen, and So confusing is truth, and Mouth wipe sleeve stained purple from the grape juice, among all the jumble.

    I haven't read much language poetry but I did enjoy this.


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