Tuesday, December 22, 2009

hey muncie

i'm posting this here because i'm guessing there are more muncie people who read this blog than there are muncie people who read my own personal blog.

flyer by peter davis. reading graciously set up by peter davis.


  1. Fucking bear tits. I think I will be gone by then.

  2. I will do my best to be there, dude! I'm sure Brittany would be excited to see you read as well.

    By the way, Mike is graciously hooking me up with a free copy of Drunk Sonnets to say thanks for buying your book to give to my HTML Giant Secret Santa. But, since I've my own copy already, I'm'a gon' give dat shit away on .the idiom. via some whacky contest or sumfin.


  3. Update: Britt and I will be there.

  4. hell yes. i look forward to seeing the two of yuhs. idea for contest: whoever has the best drunk tattoo.

    joe, unacceptable.

    dj: don't it?

  5. Perfect idea for the contest. Now, I just have to hope a decent enough portion of the 50 or so visits I get a day have a drunk tattoo. I might have to modify it to "best drunk story." Almost everyone has one of those.


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