Tuesday, November 3, 2009

posting poems here

i feel like this isn't the place to post our poetry or whatever. i think we should keep that to ourselves and work on it with our own brains/hearts. i want hearts to come before brains like hearts/brains like the heart is inside the skull and the brain down lower like when you make out with someone their tongue will always be way closer to your heart than your brain.

let's work on being alive and loving some.

do you ever feel worthless?


  1. yes, dan, i feel worthless a lot. sometimes i feel pretty good though. like, sometimes, life is pretty good in all ways. like making out happens sometimes and other things too. and then what makes it rule is that the person it is that you are doing that stuff with rules. and how hard is it to actually find people who really truly rule? pretty hard i think. oh my. it is very hard. very few people rule. but those that do rule rule hard. oh yes. it is great. i love people that rule. oh my. oh jesus. oh lord. yes.

  2. Ruling rules. The only ruling that never ruled was when kings ruled against the will of the people. They ruled in one way, but not in the important way. Ruling really rules when other people say "that person rules" and then the person who rules doesn't say "I am king" but says "thank you. You rule too."

    What do you think we should do if not post poetry/short fiction up in here? I agree that it is a good idea to keep our stuff for our own blogs, but I don't mind sharing.

    Maybe this can just be a blog where we all list and talk about ideas of what this blog can be all about.

  3. i just think we should maybe straight up talk about writing like we iz gangsta bout that shit. what i mean is how writing kills us. how we kill it. whatever. i don't know. i think shaun started the blog. shaun, what do you think?

  4. let's talk about talk about writing

    let's talk about how i almost listened to sufjan stevens and then remembered how he doesn't use electric guitars, which is lame.

    let's talk about how lebron james had better win an nba championship because he's pretty much the best nba player of all time. lord, let him find a time that will help him on his way.

    let's talk about the adolf of the hitler that is always a constant in the hither thither.

    let's word.

    i must smash my face to bed


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